Browsing for rent a car in Islamabad would take you to the websites of many companies that offer this service. However, you have to choose the most suitable one among them so you can get an amazing service at affordable rates. Here is how you can book the right vehicle in Lahore:

  • You must know that the cars are rented out by 24 hours footing which means that if you are picking the car at 8am today, then you must be able to return it by 8am the next day to avoid all the extra charges. Therefore, plan ahead so you can evade the extra cost and return the car before the designated time the next day.


  • You must have seen that in Pakistan, people usually drive manual cars because of the low availability of mechanics for automatic cars. This means that a rent a car company in Islamabad that offers automatic cars would charge you a bit more than a manual car. However, if you are more comfortable with driving an automatic car, then you should not opt for a manual car in any case because driving a manual car is a bit trickier in the traffic of Lahore.


  • Another tip for renting a car in Lahore is that you should rent a smaller car for driving in the city. Twin city Rawalpindi/Islamabad is a very busy city with heavy traffic and people rarely follow the traffic rules. An economy car would be a safer option and it would save you money as well. However, if you are renting a car for a corporate event then renting a more luxurious car makes sense. You also have to keep in mind that the economy cars give better average and help you in saving money on fuel as well.


  • If you are an exceptionally good driver who is not afraid of driving on the busy roads of Islamabad and Rawlpindi, then you can cancel the driver’s service and drive yourself. You can easily rent a car without driver especially when you plan to have passengers and this would also save you a lot of money.


  • Go for the company that offers fully insured rental vehicles in order to have a peace of mind while on the road.

In the end, I’d also suggest that check the car rental rates and also compare with other companies in order to find a better deal. You may also directly call and ask if the rental agency is running any offer on a particular type of cars just to save some extra rupees.

Firstly, i would like to start with greetings! I Hope all of you who are reading my post now are doing good. I took time planned to write on the very critical topic, which i want to bring under your kind consideration too. I have been a victim once and i want to warn you about this mafia.

Most of the times we need to hire a car for us or anyone in the family, but to spend less we often go for without driver rent a car islamabad which saves money. But the amount we are saving can be a risk.

There are common policies of most of Car rental companies in Pakistan, which has very simple and straight forward rules. One should consider asking them before getting into some deal.

Recently i have visited Rent a car Islamabad company named Yourcar.pk and i had very pleasant meeting with them. They have guided me about the difference in getting with driver and without driver rent a car. The key difference is that, when you are going with driver then any damage , the company will be liable. But if you are driving yourself then all the damage will be paid by the customer. Saving 500 or 1000 is not big deal, the mental satisfaction with driver of the company should be always preferred.

This is a guest post contributed by the writer just for the purpose of information sharing and awareness.

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